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Assistant Principal

Lauren Pitocco
Assistant Principal

Ms. Pitocco has been a member of the Westport Public Schools since 1999. She first joined the Coleytown Middle School staff as an 8th grade social studies teacher. As a classroom teacher, Ms. Pitocco believed in working with students to develop skills to support their lifelong learning and global citizenship, ideas she continues to promote as an assistant principal. Since becoming an assistant principal in 2008, Ms. Pitocco supervises the special education program and the

8th grade students and staff. She believes middle school is a time of exploration and growth and it is important to support the academic and emotional development of all students. Ms. Pitocco is fortunate to work each day with the amazing staff, students and families of the CMS community.

Ms. Pitocco received a Bachelor of Arts from Stonehill College, a Masters of Arts in Education from Sacred Heart University and a Sixth Year Degree in Educational Leadership from Sacred Heart University.

In her free time, Ms. Pitocco enjoys exploring new places, reading a good book and spending time with family and friends.