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Teacher Grants and Enrichment

The PTA’s mission is to support and strengthen the educational experience of all students at Coleytown Middle School. A portion of the funds raised by the CMS PTA are reserved for Teacher Grants. The CMS PTA challenges teachers, students, parents and administrators to push the envelope and imagine new ways to enhance learning.

To apply for a CMS PTA Grant, complete the Grant Application Form and email it to Christine Kurpiel. For questions, contact Christine via email.

Click here for Teacher Grant Application Form.

CMS PTA Grants Information

Program Description
Coleytown Middle School PTA has earmarked a portion of the money it raises to fund enrichment projects proposed by the school community. Potential projects should enhance the current curriculum, and cannot already be part of the current school budget. The goal of the program is to fund numerous projects covering the widest possible scope and number of students. As a result, projects may be competing for money available. For that reason, the PTA reserves the right to select among projects that best represent the curriculum across departments and grades.

In order to give potential project sponsors general requirements and to fairly evaluate submitted proposals, the following criteria have been drafted and approved by the CMS PTA Executive Board. Further updates will be distributed as they occur.

Criteria to Evaluate Applications: Who may apply?
Teachers, students (through CSB), parents, administrators, and community members may submit applications.

What are the application questions?
Each application must:
* Clearly describe the project goals, benefits and scope.
* Identify a project leader, classes or student group involved.
* Specify the time frame for the activity.
* Detail specific items requested with realistic estimates of costs.
* Specify the portion the application covers, if part of a larger project.
* Include a way to measure the results/success of the program.

What happens after the application is submitted?
The CMS Grants process takes from one to three months to complete so plan ahead. All completed applications will be first reviewed by the Executive Board and, if the project budget is over $2000, also approved by the Board of Education. The PTA may request additional information or ask for clarification. If other funding sources are being sought simultaneously, applicant should keep the PTA leadership abreast of the results.

What will Grants cover?
* In general funds are to be used for pilot, start-up projects, or special events, that are not currently part of the curriculum or of on-going nature.
* Must not be funded in the current or next year’s school budget.
* Funds are provided on a one-time, annual basis. If the project has multi-year merit, the project sponsor will need to apply for funding each year or be wrapped into the school’s next year annual budget. Subsequent year approvals are not guaranteed.
* Grants cover the costs of materials, equipment, guest speakers or presenter costs.
* Grants should not be used to pay for parent, teacher, or other staff hours spent managing the project or attending an event.

What are some other considerations when writing the application?
* Student/ adult ratios should be appropriate for learning and supervision.
* Project should occur in a safe, secure environment.
* Priority will be given to projects that ultimately benefit the largest number of students.
* Should encourage active student participation.
* Should use resources efficiently and seek available resources first.

Ownership of Materials

All materials purchased with funds are the property of Coleytown Middle School and must be used for the sole purpose intended.

Purchase Procedures

* Costs cannot be paid by direct reimbursement, ONLY BY INVOICE OR PROOF OF PURCHASE. Checks to individuals will not be written without receipts.
* There will be no reimbursement for sales tax. The tax free ID number is available for all purchases.


All program recipients must submit a program report documenting the project with strengths and weaknesses and outlining future plans. This is to be completed within one month of the end of the project. If a project summary report is not submitted, the individual will be precluded from applying for additional funds.