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District Music Website | 2017-18 Concert Dates

Music Handbook

all concerts begin at 7 pm more info

Wed May 2 Specialty Concert: Camerata, Chamber Orchestra, Stage Band
Thur May 3 7th Grade Chorus and 7/8 Band
Tue May 15 6th Grade Band, Chorus, Orchestra
Thur May 17 8th Grade Chorus and 7/8 Orchestra

Music activities at CMS include Orchestra & Chamber Orchestra, Band & Stage Band, Chorus & Camerata. Students also have an opportunity to study Music & Technology as well as take instrumental lessons.

Please Note: Attendance at all School Concerts is mandatory. Your grade will be affected for 6th, 7th, 8th grade Chorus/Band/Orchestra, as will continued participation in specialty groups.

Concert Attire:
Orchestra and Chorus:

  • Girls: White Blouse, black pants( no leggings), dress shoes
  • Boys: White shirt, Tie, black pants, dark socks, dress shoes

** Please note: students are not required to make special purchases. If clothing mentioned above is not available, please substitute like colors accordingly (light colors for white; dark colors for black).


  • Boys – CMS Marching Polo Shirt, Black Pants, dark socks, black shoes
  • Girls – CMS Marching Polo Shirt, black pants (no leggings), black shoes

** Please note: students are not required to make special purchases for pants or shoes. If clothing mentioned above is not available, please substitute like color accordingly (light colors for white; dark colors for black).

Curriculm Overview:

The study of music is an integral part of the middle school student’s experience. Music is both an intellectual discipline and an aesthetic pursuit. Experiences which help the student master this discipline also serve to strengthen other academic areas. Children develop in the areas of spatial relations, sequencing, logical thinking, problem solving, language development and creative expression through the study of music. Music activities serve to enrich the children’s lives socially, academically and 18aesthetically. Music has its own special language which needs to be learned to fully appreciate the art. Broad experiences with a variety of music are necessary to enable students to make informed musical judgments.

In General Music and Music & Technology, students create, perform, and respond to music in various ways using notation, musical vocabulary, classroom acoustic and electronic instruments, computer hardware, and software applications. Additionally, students demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between music, history, and culture through various classroom activities. Classroom music students develop an understanding of musical concepts, and achieve mastery in several skill areas, as defined by the Music Educators National Conference National Standards for Music Education.

For this reason, the WestportPublic School middle school classroom music curriculum, or course of study, addresses the many outcomes expected for each grade level. It provides the framework to ensure a meaningful musical experience at middle school level.

Classroom music students are expected to actively participate in each class by:

  • Composing and arranging songs using music technology
  • Performing existing and original (student-composed) grade-level musical examples
  • Responding to musical examples that require students to identify musical elements, evaluate musical performances using music specific terminology, and create original ideas based upon specific examples