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Winter Concerts

all concerts begin at 7 pm

Wed Dec 9th: Grade 7 Band, Orchestra, Chorus and Camerata
Thur Dec 10th: Grade 8 Band, Orchestra, Chorus and Stage Band
Tue Dec 15th Grade 6 Band, Orchestra, Chorus and Chamber Orchestra

Dear CMS Students, Parents and Guardians,

We are proud to welcome our CMS families to our upcoming Winter concert series (dates below). Student concerts are the culmination of many weeks of demanding preparation; a portion of that preparation involves learning proper behavior as a performer on stage and also as an audience member in the auditorium. Our guests contribute significantly to the overall success of these concerts by modeling appropriate and respectful behavior for our student musicians.

We are asking for your assistance and cooperation to create a hospitable, respectful and courteous environment for our concerts. We ask that you please review the following guidelines and share them with your Coleytown student and any family or friends who plan to join us for one or more of the upcoming performances. Please bear in mind, young children develop audience habits early; please help them to understand and follow the general “no noise, no electronics, and no movement during performance” guidelines.

Concert Etiquette and Audience Behavior Expectations

· Please turn-off all mobile devices; likewise please avoid texting and playing video games.

· Please also refrain from conversation and movement during musical selections; as well as having conversations outside the auditorium doors during the performance.

· Please show your respect and support for all of our musical groups by attending the entire concert. Most concerts are less than 1 hour in duration and our students, who are justifiably proud of their musical accomplishments, deserve the appreciation and attention of a full audience.

· We must keep exiting/entering the auditorium during concerts to an absolute minimum as it is disruptive to performers and conductors; visual and auditory disturbances negatively impact the sound and light quality for all involved.

Late Arrivals, Early Departures & Hallway Behavior

· If you must leave the concert early due to an emergency or unavoidable scheduling conflict, please refrain from lingering in the hallway outside of the auditorium. Please proceed directly to the main lobby to meet up with your child.

· If you are arriving late, please remain quietly in the hallway until the music stops and wait until you hear applause, signaling the end of a piece, before entering the auditorium.

· Please keep in mind that sound from the hallway carries into the venue and detracts from the musical experience.

Thank you for your timely attention to these issues and for your continued support of Coleytown’s outstanding musical program.


CMS Administrators & Music Staff

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