Lunch Menu




September Lunch Menus:


October Lunch Menus:

  • Middle School Lunch Menu
  • High School Lunch Menu
  • Gluten Free Lunch Menu


Bento Boxes:


Meal Prices are as follows:

  • Middle School Lunch $2.70
  • High School Lunch `a la carte pricing
  • All reduced price lunches $.40
  • Adult meals $3.50-$4.50






*Instructions for registering and making a deposit with are listed above. If you have any questions or problems with registration, please contact Dining Services at 203-341-2431.



Westport Continuing Ed Summer Camps




And the proceeds from it all go back to support the Westport School Lunch Program!
If you would like a copy of our new catering menu for 2020/2021, please reach out by e-mail and we will send you a copy along with the order sheets.

Allergy Info:

We understand the importance of providing accurate nutrition, ingredient, and allergen information for students with food allergies and medical conditions to make informed choices for their health and well-being. Furthermore, we understand the impact that food allergies and medical conditions can have on the life of young people and we will maintain our practices for accommodating children with special needs. So please continue to encourage parents and/or students with food inquiries to reach out to us!