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PTA Council

What is Westport PTA Council ?

Westport PTA Council is the umbrella organization under which Westport’s school based PTAs operate.

View our list of PTA Council Committee Representatives.

What is our objective?

The Council’s purpose is to unify and strengthen our eight school PTAs. Our goal is to coordinate and bring cohesiveness to their efforts on behalf of all Westport students, and to assist them in bringing programs and opportunities, as well as lend support to their efforts in enhancing healthy and productive learning environments. We act as a conduit for the flow of communication between parents and the Board of Education and on all issues that affect students including the school budget.

Who are we?

Westport PTA Council consists of an Executive Board, town wide committee chairs and the PTA presidents from each school in the district Additionally, each school’s PTA has committee chairs (and representatives) in each of these areas as well as your school’s PTA presidents, executive board and general board members; all working to enhance the school experience for Westport’s students.

The PTA Council represents the following committees:

  • ArtSmart
  • Authors Series
  • Cultural Arts
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Health, Wellness & Positive Youth Development Advisory Committee
  • Membership (about)
  • Special Education Parents
  • Workshop Parents

Please explore the links to the PTA Council Town Wide Committees using the links in the resources area above.  Join the PTA!!!