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Reimbursement and Deposit Forms




The CMS PTA is a non-profit organization and is not required to pay sales tax. When purchasing goods, bring the CMS PTA Tax Exempt Form to merchants (you can obtain this from the CMS PTA Treasurer). Sales tax will only be reimbursed if the vendor does not recognize our tax free status.

All reimbursement forms are to be submitted within two weeks after the scheduled event, and in no event shall any expenses be accepted for reimbursement after the last day of school. For on-going committees, reimbursement forms may be handed in at any time.

Receipts for all eligible expenses must be attached to the PTA Reimbursement Form which can be put in the CMS PTA mailbox in the CMS main office, attention of CMS PTA Treasurer. Or, you may contact the Treasurer to arrange an alternate delivery method. Any payments that are to be made directly to vendors should be clearly indicated and must include an invoice.


All money collected should be promptly given to the CMS PTA First Year Treasurer to be deposited. Complete the CMS PTA deposit form fully and make sure to separate out cash and checks. Detail each check separately with a check number and name of the payee. Coordinate delivery of deposits and forms with the First Year Treasurer. If a committee collects money over a number of days, a deposit form must be submitted for everyday that money is collected. Do not wait until the end of the event when all monies have been collected. If the deposit includes more than one source of revenue (i.e. both online credit card payments and cash), make sure the amount collected for each source of revenue is indicated.

Contact the CMS PTA Treasurers if you have any budget, expense or deposit questions (contact info is on Deposit and Reimbursement Forms)