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Dolphin Clipart
Welcome to the sixth grade Dolphin team at Coleytown Middle School
Dolphin Team Teachers
Ms. Emily Diggs Language Arts & Team Leader 203-341-1667 Room 217
Mrs. Aysseh Social Studies 203-341-1628 Room 219
Mrs. Fasciolo Math 203-341-1654 Room 220
Mrs. Murzin Science  203-341-1656 Room 221
Mrs. Kneisel Support Services 203-341-1650 Room 217
Ms. Lindsey Shortell Grade 6 Counselor 203-341-1606 Room 229-F

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Extra Help

  • All Dolphin teachers are at school in the mornings from 8:00 to 8:30.
  • Please email your teacher to set up an appointment should you like to attend.
  • It is helpful to come with specific questions or skills you would like to work on.